The project

The project, Great Women’s Historical-Geographical Atlas

Scientists, artists, literates, activists and entrepreneurs of every place and time.

#GreatWomen who have made history. Who are history. They have been protagonists, they have made a difference and have contributed to history and progress with their discoveries, their writings, their inventions, their battles for the rights and the well-being of humanity #womencan
We have developed an Atlas of the GrandiDonne, constantly updated, for an overview of their fundamental contribution to progress, in every place and at all times.
Great Women, takes part! we are all looking for you! From Educational Institutes to Associations to initiate research on local scholars and create MAPS that will link to the Great Women Historical-Geographical Atlas.

The overall visualization of the Great Women immediately conveys the idea of their great contribution to progress, in every place and in every time. We have extended the Map to the protagonists of each discipline, a historical geographic Atlas of the fundamental contribution given to knowledge by Women.

Scientists and scholars of every age and place, Great Women who have contributed to the development of knowledge and progress and to improve our lives.

We seek and disseminate the lives and contributions of GrandiDonne scientists, literates, artists and prominent women in every activity since ancient times, of all continents and of every culture and identity.

The memory of many of them has been deliberately obscured.

We want to help reduce the gender gap that is still too present in science and in every other discipline and activity.

It’s reasonably supported by research that science is unappreciated by girls even for too masculine representation.

GrandiDonne - Great Women is promoted by: Integronomia ergonomics and sustainability, with the collaboration of INBB Istituto Nazionale Biostrutture e Biosistemi Consorzio Interuniversitario, Ergolab Unitus near presso Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie e Forestali DAFNE. FEI, Federazione Esperantista Italiana, participates in the project.

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